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50 Hour Service

Oil change and inspection of engine and surrounding area per MM

  • 4 hours
  • Call for a quote
  • Longview Drive

Service Description

The 50 hour service will provide the inspection service per the engine and aircraft maintenance manual. It will include all oil and oil filter needed for the specific engine. All other items that are found not to be in airworthy condition will be repaired with the aircraft approval. Any additional cost will be considered outside of the 50 hour service and charged to the aircraft owner/operator. All aircraft that are operated for flight instruction or hire must undergo 50-hour or 100-hour inspections. However, aircraft owners and cabin crew should understand that the FAA doesn’t mandate the 50-hour maintenance. But aircraft technicians and owners should consider it, given that all aircraft have to change the oil every 50 hours. Besides oil change, the 50-hour inspection can include inspecting the engine for wear and tear and gapping, cleaning, and examining the spark plugs. If the aircraft maintenance crew finds any excessive wear and tear, the damaged components are replaced to restore the airworthiness of a plane before it flies. The 50-hour inspection is also an opportunity for the maintenance crew to address any minor maintenance or problem noticed by the pilot or the plane owner. The FAA mandates all aircraft regardless of their use to undergo the 100-hour inspections. Aircraft owners and pilots can find those regulations under FAR 91. 409b provisions. The maintenance crew inspect all the major components of an aircraft and removes all fairings, cowlings, access doors, and inspection plates during the 100-hour inspection. The 100-hour inspection is the stage where the technical crew removes the windows, brakes, cargo and cabin doors, the skin and fabric of the fuselage, the tires, the flight control surfaces, the landing gear, and struts for inspection.

Contact Details

  • 2296 Longview Drive, San Leandro, CA, USA


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